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Talent Concept
Talent is the company's first resource, and people-oriented is the core of the organization. The company adheres to the concepts of capable, fair, and mediocre, motivates people with mechanism, shapes people with culture, and regards respect for talents as the fundamental principle of enterprise development. To promote the common development of enterprises and employees as the fundamental task of talent strategy.

Working Environment
Broad employee career development
The company encourages development, provides employees with full freedom to play, and provides employees with two major sequences (management and professional), six major systems (management, professional management, product technology, marketing, engineering technology, production Manufacturing) vertical and wide career development channels.
Beautiful and quiet modern office environment
Production base
Production base capable of producing 1500 modules of multi-standard vehicles such as subways and trams and maintaining 300 trains per year

Comprehensive staff training system

The company has established a comprehensive personnel training system for employees. Improve the skills and professionalism of employees by providing diversified training based on job competence and personal ability development.

New employee training
Help new employees understand the company in a comprehensive way before they join the company, understand and agree with the company's culture, and master basic business processes and codes of conduct.
Pre-job training
Training for new employees in six categories is provided to help them adapt quickly to job requirements.
Professional Training
Based on job standards, professional knowledge and skills training is conducted in five major systems. Promote the professional skills of employees at all levels with the qualifications and title evaluations of various systems, and enhance job competence.
Reserve Talent Training
There are six major categories to select and focus on the training of business backbones. Through the combination of theoretical course training, project practice, and on-the-job training, we train reserve professionals.
Leadership training
Provide comprehensive leadership improvement training for section, ministerial, and senior management personnel, and improve the management skills and methods required for competent positions.