Modern tram system
Modern tram system
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Core advantage

The 100% low floor tram which was designed and developed by Xinzhu Corporation and Voith Engineering Services (VES) jointly, is featured in high reliability and safety, good comfort and stability, low noise, low energy consumption, as well as fine maintainability. Xinzhu holds the independent intellectual property rights of the system.

Advantages of Modern Tram

The vehicle adopts modular design to meet different passenger capacity requirements. Its bogie with wheelsets could improve the stability and safety of the vehicle but decrease wheel-track wear and lower the noise. It also uses the newest generation of traction invertor and control technology to improve energy efficiency. The traction system adopts a water cooling system, which is small in size and high in system integration. The TCMS is CANOPEN + Ethernet, which has fast transmission speed, good display effect and powerful functions. The latest noise reduction technology applied to it could make the internal and external noise value better than that required in relevant standards. Its ultra capacitor technology could realize no overhead contact line partially or completely. It is energy-saving, environment-friendly and also gives consideration to urban landscape.

Application Area

It is mainly applicable to the extension and supplement of the metropolitan rail transit, the backbone bus system of small and medium-sized cities, and the characteristic bus system of tourist and leisure areas.

Urban Rail Transit
Tourist Area


100% Low Floor Modern Tram

• Can achieve local non-contact network or full non-contact network operation, energy saving and environmental protection, while taking into account urban landscape;

• Wheel-type bogies are used to improve vehicle stability and safety and reduce wheel and rail wear and noise;

• Traction system adopts water cooling system, small size and high system integration;

• Train network control (TCMS) uses CANOPEN + Ethernet, with fast transmission speed and good display effect;

• Using the latest sound insulation and noise reduction technology, the internal and external noise indicators of the vehicle are better than relevant standards.

70% Low Floor Modern Tram

• The vehicle body adopts a lightweight overall bearing structure;

• Use high-floor bogies and independent wheel-set bogies;

• Adopt AC drive technology;

• Train control adopts wire control and train network control;

• The braking system is a microprocessor-based electro-hydraulic braking system.

Vehicles running on Xinjin R1 line
Project Location: Chengdu
70% low floor modern tram runs on line R1
100% low floor modern tram runs on line R1
Alstom 100% Low Floor Modern Tram
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