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  • Financial Manager Release date: 2019-12-12 Due Date:
    Education: Bachelor degree or above
    Salary: Negotiable
    Gender: Unlimited
    Work Experience:

    1. Participate in financial planning and demonstration of engineering projects and PPP projects, including government communication, coordination and promotion of projects, business planning of projects, and participation in business negotiations.
    2. Responsible for the cost management of the project implementation process, perform cost forecasting, control, accounting, analysis and assessment to ensure the completion of the project profit indicators.
    3. Responsible for the financial calculation and financial management of the project company.
    4. Responsible for formulating and improving the department's internal work plan, management system, business processes, etc. to ensure orderly and efficient work.
    5. Coordinate relations between government departments, banks, and taxation.


    1. With more than 5 years of working experience in cost management, budget management, and overall project management of engineering financial projects, financial background in rail transportation engineering is preferred.
    2. Familiar with the financial management process of engineering projects, proficient in cost accounting of construction enterprises, and have strong cost management, risk control and financial analysis capabilities.