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Stefan Bögl from German Max Bögl Company visited Xinzhu Corporation

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On January 20th,2020,Stefan Bögl,Chairman of the German Max Bögl Company,visited Sichuan Development-Xinzhu Corporation and received a warm reception.

Chairman Stefan Bögl and the squad took a field visit to the company’s maglev test line base,a demonstration line that simulates commercial operation,and listened to Assistant President Lv Qiang’s detailed introduction about maglev test line construction.

Mr.Bögl expressed his glad that the test line was constructed ahead of schedule with high quality.Meanwhile,he also learned about the problems in the construction that need to be solved with the cooperation from Bögl.He agreed to provide complete support for the remaining construction of the test line.

After the field visit,Chairman Stefan Bögl and the squad came to Xinzhu's headquarter and had a discussion with the company's leaders and heads of relevant departments in the conference room 324.

On behalf of Sichuan Development-Xinzhu Corporation,the company's party committee secretary and chairman Xiao Guanghui once again extended a warm welcome to Chairman Stefan Bögl and the squad.

Chairman Xiao Guanghui said that the advantages of embedded medium-low speed magnetic levitation system were outstanding and it was suitable for the urban rail transit in the future.It had already received the attention of many units and the favor of many governments.He was very much looking forward to the completion,operation and commercialization of this maglev test line.

At the same time,Chairman Xiao Guanghui also expressed his sincere gratitude for the support and cooperation provided by Bögl.He hoped that in the future Bögl would continue to provide supports in the construction of test line,digestion and absorption of maglev technology by Xinzhu,and the realization of Xinzhu’s strategic goal for industrial transformation and upgrading.

Chairman Stefan Bögl expressed his willingness to continue to maintain a good and in-depth cooperative relationship with Xinzhu,and would propose a more specific and effective guarantee scheme for the construction and operation of the maglev test line as soon as possible.Contribute to transportation development.He hoped we would make a contribution to the development of world’s maglev transportation.

Director and CFO Jia Xiuying,Vice President Wang Bin and Vice President Xia Yulong form Xinzhu,Dr.Bert Zamzow,Director of Maglev Technology R&D Dept.,and Dr.Liu Bing,General Manager of China and Manager of Chengdu Maglev Project from Bögl,accompanied.