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Special Session on Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus as well as Work Resumption by Xinzhu Corporation

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A special session on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus as well as work resumption was requested by Mr. Xiao Guanghui, who is Secretary of the Company's Party Committee, Chairman of the board, and Head of the Working Group on Epidemic Prevention and Control, in Meeting Room 324 of the company’s headquarter on February 14th to set a plan for following work. Vice Chairman Feng Kemin, President Yang Yonglin, Vice President Zhang Yang, Vice President Chen Xiangyue, Assistant President Lv Qiang, Assistant President Yang Li, Assistant President Yu Xiaoqin and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting. Mr. Yang Yonglin hosts the session.

At the meeting, President Yang Yonglin briefed the work on epidemic prevention and control and made further arrangements for the work in next stage.
Chairman Xiao Guanghui made an important speech and put forward some relevant requirements on epidemic prevention and control and work resumption in the following stage.
Mr. Xiao Guanghui fully recognized the company's early epidemic prevention and control work and relevant departments’ efforts and achievements that,

1. we prepared relevant regulations and carried out the prevention and control measures effectively;
2. we screened the staffs by body temperature detection and reported the results without delay;
3. we did excellent work on purchasing, managing and distributing the epidemic prevention materials;
4. service team and vanguard team of Party members had played positive roles;
5. on-duty arrangement was carried out in an orderly manner;
6. publicity and education on novel coronavirus was generally good;
7. work resumption was carried out in and orderly manner;

He also required as following:
1. We should ensure “zero infection” by strengthening leadership and raising awareness;
We should continue to work on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus, and especially focus on preventing cluster transmission and imported infection. All work for anti-epidemic shall be practically, detailedly and thoroughly.
Every department shall perform its own functions and other relevant work such as collecting and dynamically managing personnel information, purchasing management of epidemic prevention materials, spraying disinfecting water in work place, and keeping dorms and canteen from outbreak, which should get every staff and every place involved.

2. We should prevent epidemic and manufacture at the same time;
On the one hand we will pay close attention to the anti-epidemic work, since we insist on putting health and safety of employees first. This is the focus of the current work and the bottom line that the company must adhere to. On the other hand, we will speed up work resumption to make a good plan for this year’s business operation.

3. Company leaders, party members and cadres should play leading roles in carrying out current work and promoting annual key works.

4. Supervision will be strengthened that any problem in units and departments will be investigated and held accountable.

5. We will organize an effective training on the prevention and control of novel coronavirus so that everybody would know what it is and how to prevent it.
Chairman Xiao Guanghui also made some important arrangements for work resumption and business operation at the meeting.
First are the arrangements that based on classification to promote work resumption steadily and actively. Second are reasonable arrangements for core units to promote work.
After the headquarter resumes work, it should effectively organize and promote the implementation of key tasks such as "three-year action plan for high-quality development, annual aim and task negotiation and protocol of deepening reform scheme";
According to the approved work resumption arrangements, the Engineering Component Department and headquarter should resume work step by step based on the staff type and their healthy condition. By summing up and assessing the early work resumption experience, we should deal with any problem arising from timely, and then dynamically arrange the work resumption of other staffs at the right time;
Changke Xinzhu, Shanghai Aowei, Anhui Xinzhu, our Beijing branch and other units shall, in accordance with the requirements of local governments, timely resume work and production and at the same time report to the company for the record;
For the project of magnetic levitation test line, we shall arrange work shift for on-site staffs, ensure safety management of machinery and equipment, and prepare work resumption and so on;
The units and departments involved in the organization and management of project bidding should carry it out as soon as possible and try their best not to delete procedures or gather together.

Mr. Xiao Guanghui also proposed that before the epidemic is officially declared over, all units must continue to be vigilant after resumption of work. There must be no slack in epidemic prevention work.

We must always keep in mind that “Life is first, epidemic prevention is responsibility”. Putting employees’ health and safety first, we’d like to do both anti-epidemic work and business operation at the same time and try to do them well.

All personnel, especially party members, shall work together to lay a solid foundation for the company to achieve the set goals of 2020.

Special Session on Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus & Work Resumption held in Xinzhu Corporation